Choose from traditional to modern teapots and infusers to help you
brew the perfect cup of tea!

We carry teapots in all shapes and sizes to serve one, two or more!
Our infusers come in varying sizes to hold just a single or multiple servings.
Tea for One
A popular gift, these single brewers are all you need to brew the perfect cup.
Tea Storage
Extend the shelf life of your favorite teas with our wide selection of tea tins.
Gift Sets
Gift sets for every occasion and budget, for the seasoned tea drinker or the tea newbie.
Tea Cups
Go classic or traditional, or modern or funky to set the right tea mood.
Iced Tea Pitchers
Beautiful and stylish iced tea pitchers are the perfect way to cool off on a warm day.
Great looking yet functional, these kettles help to quickly heat water at the desired temperature.
Trivets and Warmers
Create elegant table settings while keeping your tea warm and your table cool.
Other tools, gizmos and gadgets that no tea lover can go without.


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