How to Choose a Tea

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, only following water. It has been grown, harvested, and consumed for thousands of years with many parts of the globe developing their own distinct varieties and tea culture. There are over three thousand blends available with more flavors being developed every day. With so many to choose from, it may seem overwhelming to just choose one. So let us help!

Choosing a tea to drink is just like choosing an entrée off the menu! Simply think of flavors or elements that you like then find the teas that correspond. For example, if you enjoy the taste of fruits, then you should try our Pineapple Herbal Tea. For those that enjoy more floral scents and flavors, then our Organic Kyoto CherryRose Green Tea is an excellent choice. For coffee lovers who want to try out tea for the first time, ourChocolate Cappuccino or Almond Biscotti would make a great transition. It’s just that easy!

Here we’ve listed out some of our recommendations based on the type of tea you may be interested in.

Caffeinated Teas

Black Tea
Black tea is the tea that the United States is most familiar with. It is the most caffeinated tea and is known for its robust, full-bodied flavor. It has about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, which makes it a great morning beverage or a great pick-me-up after those long work days. Familiar black teas would be our Organic English Breakfast, House Ceylon, or Organic Earl Grey. Those who enjoy coffee-like or nutty flavors would like theChocolate Cappuccino or Almond Biscotti; both taste delicious with a little milk and sugar added! Fruit lovers should try popular Cranberry-Pomegranate or Peach Apricot. For a more intense spicy flavor, try the Organic Masala Chai.

Green Tea
Green tea is the most popular type of tea in Asia. It is known for its rich and earthy flavor and its refreshing clean finish. Green tea also has numerous health benefits and is rich in antioxidants. It has about one-fourth the amount of caffeine as coffee. For those wanting a familiar green tea, the Organic Jasmine Green orGenmaicha would be the most pleasing to the palette. Avid green tea lovers enjoy the Organic Sencha orDragonwell. For flavored green teas, our top-selling Long Island Strawberry and Blue Mango offer all the health benefits of green tea with delicious hints of fruity flavors!

White Tea
White Tea is the rarest and least processed of all the teas. The production is indigenous to a small area of North Fujian, China. White tea is known for its mild, delicate taste and complexity in flavors as well as its cooling and detoxifying properties. White tea contains the least amount of caffeine and has the most antioxidants. Those who enjoy the taste of Jasmine flowers but desire less caffeine would enjoy our Jasmine Silver Needle. Our popular Organic Peach White infuses the taste of white tea with the subtle flavors of peach.

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea is known for its layers of rich, full-bodied flavors and aromas. The taste is complex yet the finish is smooth, making it ideal for new tea drinkers who may not be used to the strong taste of other teas. For a more traditional oolong tea, try our Tae Guan Yin (Snow Pear), a famous oolong tea known for its earthy yet subtle sweet flavor. Earl Grey lovers will love the Earl of Oolong, which has the familiar flavor profile of bergamot yet very minimal astringency. Our top-selling Coconut Oolong is buttery and smooth and is delicious as an iced tea or with milk.

Puerh Tea
Puerh has long been treasured as an indispensable part of daily health. Known as a “diet” tea, Puerh is known to dispel grease and toxins and is usually drank after an especially heavy meal. The flavors are earthy and woodsy with a smooth finish. Our Blood Orange Puerh is our most popular Puerh tea and is perfect for those who enjoy strong fruity flavors. Another popular puerh is Vanilla Mint Puerh. Milk and sugar can also be added for a more creamy, chocolate-like taste.


Herbal (Tisanes)
Herbal Teas or Tisanes are made from botanicals, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Tisanes are caffeine and calorie free, perfect for a relaxing drink right before bedtime or for those who are caffeine sensitive. Tea drinkers who enjoy fruity flavors would love our Mango Splash or Fruit Fusion tea. The flavors are strong and rounded without the astringency of other teas. Those drinking for health benefits can try our Organic Echinacea to boost your immune system or Chamomile to help you fall asleep. Chrysanthemum is a very popular herb that also has well-known detoxifying properties.

Rooibos (Red)
Rooibos Tea, also known as “Red Bush Tea” is an herb uniquely grown in the South African Cedarberg Mountains that is naturally caffeine and calorie-free. This tea is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals and contains powerful antioxidants. It is said to relieve headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, light depression and hypertension. For a more fruity blend, Blueberry Rooibos or Jamaican Red are both refreshing and full of flavor. Coffee drinkers will enjoy Bourbon Street Vanilla or Creamy Caramel, both with familiar flavors without any of the caffeine!


Finally there is Mate, an Herbal tea that naturally contains caffeine. Mate is extremely popular in Latin America for its invigorating energy and robust vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. The taste is very distinctive and can be described as earthy in flavor. A house favorite at The Loose Teas is Tiramisu, a wonderful dessert tea with hints of coffee.

Signature Blends

Our Signature Blends are created by our tea specialists to maximize the health benefits of the variety of teas and herbs available. During the winter, a favorite tea is the Immune Booster which is great for combating flu season. Secret Garden is one of our best selling tea and has fruity and floral flavors.

For a more in depth introduction to tea, feel free to drop by our store in Monrovia! We have all of our teas available to see, smell, and sample. We’ll be more than happy to help.

In the end, just be adventurous! You might just surprise yourself ☺