Our Story

The Loose Teas Café is a neighborhood tearoom located in the foothills of Los Angeles County. With over 100 different kinds of premium loose-leaf teas to choose from and a diverse selection of tea accessories, we are the perfect blend for both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious who are just learning about tea.

We’re the boba tea lover, we drink tea everyday form whatever tea place, but the true thing we’re never thought about running boba tea shop until the struggle day come, my wife love to eat healthy, so we admit to looking for the healthy business and finally, The LooseTeas Cafe and Gifts is come true. We’re born with family, home drinking teas everyday, we can say that we have tea blood already, but still back in school again for making sure that all the ingredients and information that we share are correct.

We start business with a very pressure and lot of help and love. we’re start from minus, we don’t have any money but we’re keep pushing, have to start borrow a lot of money from family and friends. My mother in-law sold her house and send some money to USA, a new life and dream start with a small family me, my heart (Wife), and my eyes (One and haft year old kiddo.

The business been add up about 20 years old now, and our 2 main vision is 1st, to change the way how people view of boba tea shop and boba loose teas room. To share healthy benefits of our premium LooseTeas, to all people in the world.So we thought they should get what they pay. And it probably takes longer time more to let people to understand. We try to drill for the best with staff services, and used all highly premium quality ingredients. Therefore, our business name “The LooseTeas Cafe and Gifts” is the proof of our purpose, and the phrase that we often quote is, “Though about family, healthy come first!” It’s mean that doesn’t mater right now you don’t have enough money to buy gold for your beloved one, but the loose teas is the real healthy gold. However, so many thing happened in life, but only your family healthy, then your futures dream will complete doesn’t mater how late it is.

2nd, we would love to share what we earned to our community as much as we can because we could not survived without their supported and thank you.

The pasted good or bad, are the best experiences for your real future that not yet come, and we will do to day the best.

Do you think that you are born lucky or unlucky? Environmental impact also effects to your standard living function, try not to relieve on god too much, however god never to bad to give you a zero luck, but those is not the main function, the main function is your personal luck efforts, why? Let me so you :


(God luck) 100%  x  0% (Personal effort luck) = 0 % Luck  ( Do nothing, live for luck)


(God luck) 1%  x  100% (Personal effort luck) = 100 % Luck  ( Put all your efforts, working hard for you own future)


From beginning until now with our struggles and harm, fail and succeed, our teas room is fulfilling of love and supporting. We don’t know how far we can go, but we’ll try our best, it is not easy, but we won’t give up. We love to share our healthy products and we love you all!


Steven, my heart and my eyes